Group Rides

There’s nothing more exciting than sprinting through tunnels of green, feeling the dirt pound beneath my paws and feeling the wind rip through my fur. Running wild on the trails is the ultimate.

And what’s super rad, I’ve started to notice that people, people like Dave and the bike shop crew, like to do the same thing but on bikes.

And from what I’ve gathered you could ride nearly all week long with new and old friends. I know, it’s awesome!

So, here’s the skinny if you want to join in:

Each Saturday morning there is a group of cyclists who get together at 7 a.m., shortly after the sun comes up, in Jame Street Plaza. The Plaza is just outside our door.

Each Tuesday evening, at 6 p.m., a group of ladies meet at James Street Plaza and take off for either trail riding or a road ride.

Each Wednesday evening, wheels up at 6 p.m., mountain bike riders gather at one of the many regional trailheads. This weekly ride is scheduled by our friends at the other bike shop down the street, Trailhead. Give them a call to get the skinny.

Each Thursday a group of mountain bike riders meets in James Street Plaza at 6 p.m. This ride is beginner friendly and shows attendees around our awesome local trails.

If you have questions about locations, skill levels or whatever, stop in the bike shop and talk to the guys.

Until next time friends, WOOF,







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