Summer Tune-Ups

Ludington has gotten busy. The bell keeps ringing, I’m getting a lot more attention and seeing a lot more feet tread through the store lately. It’s awesome. I have it made.

But now, it’s more than just feet I’ve been seeing. Bikes are coming back in… People keep bringing their bikes in and leaving them with the guys. I’m a little green to the shop still, so this confused me.

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Wait a minute… The mail man’s back.
Why does he just look and not come in? Seems suspect.

Shoot, sorry. Got a little distracted for a second.

So, our shop has a lot of cool bikes already. Yeah, people are always stopping by to hang out and catch up with the guys, but it seemed like for a while that the bikes would leave never to be seen again.

Now though, they drop them off. They leave. Then return and take the bikes away.

Crazy, right? I know. I was really mystified by this too. So, I decided to sniff out what was really going on here.

After hours of the sniff test, frequent pacing and reconnaissance, it turns out the guys are doing tune-ups.

So besides the cool bikes, we have in the store and a sweet place to hang, the guys apparently have been adjusting the shifting points on derailleurs, another topic for another day, lubricating and cleaning chains, checking and adjusting brakes if necessary, lubricating wheels, checking tires, and making sure all the parts work smoothly and well.

I may be a dog, but my mind was blown. I mean, who knew? So rad.

After this massive revelation, my dog sense told me that I should definitely share this with the world.

You can bring your ride in for a tune-up from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, except Sundays, to tune, talk and brew coffee.

Until next time friends, WOOF!








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