Safe Riding: Tips and Tricks

The excitement. The speed. It’s hard to beat the rush of speeding down a steep hill and feeling as if you’re flying as the wind whips through your hair and across your face.

Since I’ve got eyes on the shop from open to close, I’ve taken notice that the shop crew has been really talking up the overall safety on the trails and road. So, I wanted 

to take a quick moment to give you a heads up on some helpful safe riding tips and tricks.

Protect Your Head: Falls happen quick and are unexpected. That’s why they’re called accidents. Helmets greatly reduce the likelihood of a serious injury.

Be Visible: Wear bright, flashy colors. Utilize reflective gear. Make eye contact with drivers when possible.

Stay AlertStay focused on what is ahead and around you. Be watchful for debris or obstacles in your path. Don’t wear earbuds or talk on the phone. 

Ride Responsibly: Ride with the flow of traffic. Familiarize yourself with applicable traffic laws for bikes. Avoid heavy traffic. Ride single file. The more you respect the rules of the road the more likely drivers will respect you.

See and Be Seen:
Bike light technology is evolving rapidly. The newest lights are affordable and very bright offering more protection along roadways.

If you have questions, need to purchase bike lights or bright ride gear we invite you to stop in during business hours.

Until then be alert, ride hard and have fun friends!






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